Now that 29 states are now allowing some form of legal marijuana use, growers and dispensaries are struggling to keep up with the demand for product. With Florida likely to allow live plant use in the next 12-18 months, the pipeline is DRY! Will Florida marijuana dispensaries face a shortage? Just look at what happened in Arizona in July 2017. Just two weeks after passage of recreational cannabis use, they ran out of product!!! The lack of supply was so severe that the Gov. Brian Sandoval declared a state of emergency! As more states come on board with legal marijuana use, supply is likely to get tighter.

Illinois and New Mexico are other examples of what can happen if your state is not ready. Even with medical marijuana use, patients are not allowed to grow there own plants! This causes a serve shortage among patients and leads to higher prices.



In 2016 Florida voters passed the usage of medical marijuana. However, after further discovery, Florida voters realized the new law did not permit the use of plant based marijuana!! This was quite a shock to voters as many believed that all forms of cannabis use would be allowed. In July 2017 Florida Attorney John Morgan filed a lawsuit challenging the states ban on smokeable medical marijuana. In January 2018, Leon County Judge Karen Gievers interprets the law passed by Legislature allowing the possession of live plants. However, there is a stay that has been filed keeping it from passing into law.

More that 23 states with medical marijuana laws in place, allow there patients to grow there own medicine. There is a huge discrepancy in the number of plants allowed from state to state. A small example of this plant discrepancy can be shown here:

California-no limit

Colorodo-12 plants

Oregon-12 mature plants (48 immature)

Washington state-6 plants

Michican-12 plants

Massachusetts-12 plants

Hawaii-10 plants

This is just a short list, as the list is even more expansive if you have a commercial facility.



As you can see, states that do not allow patients to grow there own medicine, struggle to keep up with supply and demand. So where does your dispensary get there medicine? In states that allow patients to grow there own medicine, often see less pressure on the dispensaries to keep up with demand. With the HUGE discrepancy on plant count from state to state, many growers end up with more medicine(product) than they can use or smoke. What a terrible dilemma!! Smile! What should the patient do with all this extra medicine? Since we all know that selling this product on the black market is illegal, this not an option.

However, because the patient has a relationship with the local dispensary, this is a possible outlet for the excess product. Many dispensaries look to acquire medicine from local farmers. Many of these farmers have been in the “shadows” for years, due to obvious reasons. The dispensaries are always looking for quality medicine that can be produced on a consistent basis.


After all, as a medical patient is imperative that your medicine be of the highest quality available in the industry. For this reason, more and more states are requiring dispensaries to only distribute lab tested products! This is great for the patients, but an extra step required for the grower and dispensary. Everyone is in favor of top quality product.

It has been stated that 93% of the marijuana consumed in the US is contaminated! This is incredible to think about as a smoker!! Marijuana can be contaminated with mold, pesticides, heavy metals, and/or herbicides! These can all be invisible to the naked eye. With lab testing to prevent these contaminates from entering the body, an increase in pricing is soon to follow. The organic wave is here and nobody is turning back now. If premium products are available, they are the first to sell regardless if the extra pricing.

If Florida is to keep up with the demand for medicine, it is crucial that they start allowing growers to perfect this very scientific craft. Increased regulation is a great thing, but it is slowing down the supply in the pipeline. It is important to allow the grower to perfect this craft, as any imperfection could result in failed lab testing. This could only further delay the supply to the dispensary and result in lost money to the grower! It is important that the grower and dispensary have a great relationship, as this is a way for the grower to produce income for the next harvest. If you are looking to be a grower(patient), be sure to follow all the required nutrients and growing procedures. Beware, as we have seen lab testing guidelines change very quickly.


So your probable wondering how can I avoid getting caught in the supply shortage!? Like anything, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail!! The smart patients are taking matters into there own hands. Most are not interested in supplying a dispensary with product, but enough medicine for personal use is ideal. With the plant based use hanging in the balance, it is very important to how to grow your own medicine!! I am not saying go out and start growing NOW, but what I am saying is been READY!! As fast as laws change in the cannabis industry, you do not want to wait until the last minute to find out what you will need. You will want to check equipment prices, nutrients needed, space needed, and electrical upgrade(if needed). Also, how much time is required from start to finish. These are all factors you will want to consider.

With Florida’s subtropical climate, many other states are envious of the wonderful growing conditions. As the medical patient count continues to increase, your dispensary could be looking for your help!!


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