So You Want to Roll the Perfect Cannabis Blunt

As the use and legalization of marijuana continue to grow, 29 states now recognize the medical and “adult use” of cannabis. With this in mind, we are seeing more and more ways to smoke cannabis. There is a growing trend in the industry to use natural tobacco leafs as a method to smoke cannabis in the form of a blunt. The information below will show you how to roll the perfect cannabis blunt.

Getting the Right Leaf

Although the idea of using a tobacco leaf to smoke cannabis is nothing new. It has been done around the world for decades. However, over the past two decades we have seen and increase in what many people believe to be “blunts”. The use of hollowed out cheap cigars, flavored wraps & cigarillos, and cones are more popular than ever. The ease at which you can roll these products seems to be the driving force behind their use. It seems to be a case of quantity over quality.

Natural Tobacco Leaf

A natural, cured tobacco leaf is what you will need. The best leaf will be medium to dark brown and soft to the touch. Again, you will not find these to have any added flavor or processing. One of the more popular natural leaves is known by the name Grabba or Fronto. Sometime you will see natural wrap. Be sure to ask the clerk, as most have knowledge about what you may need.

Leaf Only-Shade

Where do I get the Leaf and What’s the cost?

Most often you can find a natural tobacco leaf @ your local convenience store, gas station, smoke shop or neighborhood market. Be sure that the package is soft to the touch. If the package is hard, often the leaf will be dry & brittle. If, for some reason this is the case, you can always re hydrate the leaf. However, this can be a little tricky for a beginner to roll the perfect cannabis blunt. Brittle leafs can develop holes and this makes the process very difficult.

The average cost of the leaf can range anywhere from $1-$4 depending on the size and quality. For $1 you are likely to get 2-3 leaf sections. Often you will get an entire tobacco leaf for $4. This will typically allow you to roll about 12-14 blunts. Very economical and free of dangerous additives. Tobacco is illegal for minors, so be sure you are at least 18 years of age.

Proper Leaf Portion

After opening the package & inspection of the leaf, you will notice that the leaf has heavy veins that you will need to locate. These veins are something you want to avoid as much as possible when rolling your cannabis blunt. You will need to get your section from between the two parallel veins, It can be cut with scissors in order to save time. The section will be approx. 1/2 inch x 5 inches. It really depends on the amount of cannabis you are rolling and the desired length. There is a great video from Leaf Only that will make this clear.

Like all leafs, they are different on each side. This is very, very important if you want to roll the perfect, custom blunt. The darker side of the leaf is where you will place your cannabis. Using the wrong side of the leaf is a common mistake many people make when rolling blunts. When you get to the end, it will not seal properly unless you have cigar glue.


Roll It Up!

Place the cannabis(already ground & processed) on the lower third of the leaf section. Be sure to distribute evenly end to end in order to get an even roll. As with any paper joint or cigarette you will begin to roll the leaf around the cannabis until you reach the top edge of the leaf. Again, like a paper joint you will need lick the blunt sealed. It is recommended that the top edge of the leaf get a little “roughed” up in order to seal properly. As a last resort you can use only approved cigar glue to seal your perfectly rolled blunt!!

Practice Makes Perfect

I hope this is somewhat helpful to anyone (18+) looking to roll their own perfectly rolled custom blunts. As you do this more and more you will get much better. You will see how to apply the proper pressure needed to create a perfect, slow burn. You will notice how much better the smoking experience has become with a natural tobacco leaf. With the different varieties of leaf, you will also develop a preference as to what works better. The lighter color leafs typically burn a little faster with a mild taste. The darker the leaf, the heavier the smoke. You will begin to notice that one end of the blunt seems to always smoke better than the other. Overall, when done properly, you will get the Irie Effect!

Feel free to leave any comments below.

Thanks, J.

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