When it comes to rolling the perfect cannabis blunt, it starts with the best tobacco leaf available. There are many options to choose from. However, depending on what area of the country you reside, your choices will be limited. Be sure the leaf is all natural and not some manufactured or processed wrap. As popular as these flavored wraps and cones are, they contain many chemicals that affect the taste of the cannabis.

All Natural

Be sure the leaf is soft, pliable and slightly moist. Moist leafs tend to have fewer holes and are much easier to work with. Make sure the packaging is air tight, as this also helps to keep the leaf from drying out. If for some reason you do get a dry leaf, do not panic. Handle the leaf carefully after opening the package. Many people will submerge the entire leaf in warm water to re hydrate the leaf. Depending on the severity of dryness, you can also use a spray bottle and dampen as needed. Either way, you will need to give the leaf time to dry out some after proper re hydration. A paper towel is a great way to speed the process. Many find that submerging the entire leaf gives it a softer feel and smoother smoke! Remember the leaf is all natural, so it will always come back to its original form.

Dark Leaf vs. Light Leaf

One thing that makes a huge difference in the overall cannabis blunt experience is the use of the dark or light tobacco leaf. Depending on the name brand leaf you choose, you will see the difference between them. The dark leaf, which tends to be more mocha or chocolate, is usually thicker and heavier. For this reason, it is a little more difficult to roll. The smoke is rich, deep and robust. Many people use a little more cannabis with the darker leafs because of the strong flavor of the leaf. These blunt burn slow and even making them a joy.

The lighter leaf is thin and much easier to roll. The color ranges from a sandy brown to a rich pecan color. The flavor is subtle and allows the taste and flavor of the cannabis to shine through. These leafs burn a little faster due to the thin nature of the leaf. Keeping them moist is critical to your overall smoking enjoyment.

Choose Your Brand

As mentioned earlier, your brand choice can be limited depending on your region of the country.

Below you will see a comprehensive list of the Best Quality Tobacco Leafs available, anywhere!

If your choice is the darker leaf, you may want to look @

┬áLeaf Only– Very nice brand. Leafs grown and packaged in the US. They also have a choice of Shade, CT, Dark and

Medium leafs.


Fronto– Another nice dark leaf. Very popular, as it has been around a long time. One of the first to package the whole leaf. Large size, so be sure you can use a lot.

Fire Grabba– Very nice upstart in S. Florida. Another nice dark leaf. There are @ least 3 types (red, white, & black) of packaging. Size correlates with price. $1-$3.

King Wrap– A favorite because of the dark rich leaf and pricing. Often you will see a half leaf for $1.

If your choice is the lighter leaf, you may want to look @

Grabba-(light Brown pack) A convenient store favorite. The leaf is light, slightly smaller, but very consistent quality. The is even a Grabba Gold edition- Black package. This leaf is even higher quality(usually), but does command a higher price. This brand has high margins for the retailer, but @ $2-$2.75 for the consumer. A too high for two small leaf sections.

Whole Leaf Grabba– Another beautiful, high quality leaf. The value is much better with the whole leaf @ around $5.99, but there are still others with a better price and similar quality.

Hot Gold G- Wrap– Not so sure about the funny name, but for the money, this leaf is one the best! It takes on the characteristics of the dark leaf, but much easier to work with. The leaf is always moist and dries to a nice light brown leaf. This brand also come is the whole or half leaf size. The price @ $1.50 to $3.00 is a great value.

Approximately 7-14 leaf sections will be available with the half and whole leaf packages. The others typically advertise 2 leaf sections(wraps).


If your leaf package can be resealed, be sure to do so as soon as possible. Keep the package is a cool environment. These leafs will become dry with frequent handling. Be sure to properly store in order to get the best results. .

Final Words

Personally I find the lighter leaf to be the best tobacco leaf for rolling the perfect cannabis blunt. Even though these leafs tend to burn a little faster, they allow the true flavor profile of the cannabis to shine. Increasing the cannabis to leaf ratio is one way to combat the faster burn.

Hope this helps you create the Irie Effect!!

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