Mind FX LLC was created in early 2018 as an extension of the Grow and Grow Rich Academy. As a selected student we were able to learn many of the ends and outs of the cannabis industry. The cannabis industry is projected to do between $7.4 to $8.2 billion in 2018!

For this reason, we felt this growth is nothing to ignore! One of the most important lessons learned in the G&GR; Academy was to be ready for the opportunity when it comes. As a resident of Florida, we have passed the use of medical cannabis. However, the only cannabis allowed(@ the time of the writing) in Florida is THC oil for vaping. For some reason, cannabis flower is still on hold. As this political fight continues, the final outcome is likely to result in “adult use” cannabis of all forms. With the projected tax revenue generated in other states that allow cannabis use, many states are getting on board.

Using the examples from states that allow cannabis, we @ G&GR; are now able to share the blueprint on what to expect from the cannabis industry going forward.

Mind FX LLC is here to help individuals or companies with their desire to get into the cannabis industry. We have experts in almost any area of interest. Anything from set up & grow, real estate, dispensaries, investment opportunities, delivery services, etc. There are dozens of areas that are seeing incredible growth. As consultants in the industry, we are able to put you in touch with the right people to get started.

As a cannabis smoker for many, many years, I was glad to see the world has changed in the opinion on cannabis. There are 29 states that now find cannabis legal in some form. As the trend continues, we feel it is important to show alternative ways to smoke cannabis. Tobacco leaves are now gaining more and more momentum as a vehicle for smoking cannabis. This certainly is not a new concept, as many smokers have tried what they consider to be a “blunt”. However, due too much misinformation and lack of the proper product, many people use hollowed out cigars or flavored blunt wraps! Both make me nauseous just thinking about it!!

If you are looking to find a smooth clean smoke with increased effect, be sure to consider tobacco leafs. This website is designed to show you how to properly roll a cannabis blunt and avoid the mistakes others make with this process. We will show you which leafs work best and how to prepare the leaf for rolling cannabis.

Be sure to watch the video in order to get the best information.

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